As it is known for those who are interested in the activities of our companyrecently, J&T Consulting along with partner German Legal Firm create the first precedent for recognition and enforcement of the Georgian court decision in German.

We are pleased to announce you, that our company is expanding the scope of recognition and enforcement in the EU.

This time, with the active involvement of our Greek partners, the procedure of recognition and enforcement of the Georgian Court Decision was successfully completed. The Greek Court fully satisfied our motion and fully recognized and enforced the decision made in favor of Georgian Company.

We would like to mention with special pride, that in the both cases (In Germany and In Greece), the J&T Consulting team was led by the Senior Associate of our company _ Professor Simon Takashvili.

We hope to continue to help our clients reconize and enforce Georgian Court Decisions abroad in the future as well.


On June 30th, 2020 at the Tbilisi State University Faculty of Law, Senior Associate of our company Otar Machaidzedefended his PhD thesis “Conditions of Application, Recognition and Enforcement of Interim Measures in Arbitration”. 

Otar has been conducting research for three years in Georgia and in Germany (Hamburg, Max Plank Institute for Comparative and Private Law) under scientific supervision of the managing partner of our company _ Dr. Giorgi Tsertsvadze.

J&T Consulting team congratulates Otar and wishes him professional growth and success!


გამოქვეყნდა  სტატიათა კრებული- ,,პერსონალურ მონაცემთა დაცვის თავისებურებები’’. 

კრებულში გაერთიანებულია 2019 წლის გაზაფხულზე, J&T CONSULTING-ის სასწავლო ცენტრის მიერ  გამართული სტუდენტური სამეცნიერო კონფერენციის ნაშრომები პერსონალურ მონაცემთა დაცვის სხვადასხვა ასპექტების თემატიკაზე.

სტატიათა კრებულის ელექტრონული ვერსიის სანახავად ეწვიეთ ბმულს: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14T4EwgZvsAzrU1rEpgcOy2b7VQFud5Sy/view


As part of the efforts to improve the ways of responding to grievances, the Office of the Ombudsman for United Nations Funds and Programmes is increasing the capacity for mediation services. As part of this enhanced capacity, by the Office of the Ombudsman was developed a Global Mediation Panel consisting of external mediators approved by the Office of the Ombudsman who will mediate workplace disputes involving the five UN organizations UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNOPS and UN-Women as they occur.


Our team is extremely pleased to announced you, that the managing partner of J&T Consulting, Giorgi Tsertsvadze was selected as the mediator of the Global Mediation panel.

The mediators of the Global Mediation Panel have been selected by the Office of the Ombudsman for United Nations Funds and Programmes taking into account their qualifications, proven mediation experience and background, and long-standing connection with the most reputable international mediation networks. Global mediation panel brings together 35 experienced mediators from different countries of the world.


One of the Senior Associates of our company _ Simon Takashvili, was elected as an Associate Professor for 3 years at Caucasus University (Caucasus School of Law (CSL)), according to the results of the open competition held on May 6, 2020. 


Our team congratulates Simon and wishes him professional successes.