The art of having every chance

Welcome to the web page of "J &T Consulting” .

The fact that you are reading this speech is perfect basis for our future successful partnership.
It took me a while, to brief my speech as frank and interesting, as possible. We are lawyers, and perhaps nobody else can better understand that every dishonest word can be used against us, and it does not necessarily have to happen in court rooms.

We provide legal support to business.

What, generally lawyers say to advertise their service?

They stress out their experience, knowledge, international contacts, adherence to high ethical standards, and their distinguished features and there is nothing surprising in that.

However, you would agree that this is very frequently used tool for marketing and doesn’t give you the chance to distinguish our services from others. Competition is very high in this sector.

If you draw your attention little bit upwards on the top of this text, you will see our motto: “The Art of Having Every Chance”. What comes to your mind? Don’t take me as trying to be original; this is the main point of this speech.

Your interest towards our office is a chance and our team of lawyers will employ their best masterclass to catch that chance. You give us an opportunity to serve you, and we treat it like our final chance, so that being best is only option.

If you like our style, this is a chance and the rest is just the matter of masterpiece.  


Giorgi Tsertsvadze