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The company J&T Consulting offers you legal services in negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation. ADR service includes alternative dispute resolution mechanisms - preferably,  mediation and arbitration;  however, it will support you with any other format (such as Dispute Boards) that is common in the contemporary world. Obviously, there still remains a possibility of developing a scenario where no solution is seen other than the court. You can count on our company in this case as well. We are proposing ADR & Litigation related services in five languages: Georgian, Russian, English German and Turkish.

Due Diligence

The company J&T Consulting experienced team offers their clients Legal Compliance, Due Diligence and Crisis Management Services, which include a deep and comprehensive investigation of compliance to national and international legal requirements of their potential or existing partners either business entities or individuals; as well as, solving business problems and crisis management with the involvement of professional  lawyers. We are proposing Compliance & Due Diligence and Crisis Managment related services in five languages: Georgian, Russian, English German and Turkish.

Corporations and investments

The company J&T Consulting team offers qualified legal services to corporations and investments, including banking, insurance, investment, securities and corporate law. Services include oral and written consultations, recommendations related to established legal regulations, participation in pre-contractual relations, drafting of contracts and other necessary documents and their submission for registration, as well as, managing legal processes and protecting the interests of the client in various governmental, private or self-regulatory bodies. We are proposing Corporations & Investments and Securities related services in five languages: Georgian, Russian, English German and Turkish.

Telecommunications and Energy

The company "J&T" consulting team offers you legal services rarely available on Georgian market in the field of telecommunications and energy. Services include legal assistance in interactions with state regulatory authorities, preparation of specific agreements, as well as involvement in all procedures with regard to the obtaining a mandatory license or permit for activities, etc. We are proposing Telecommunications and Energy related services in five languages: Georgian, Russian, English, German and Turkish.


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