Otar Machaidze


Career: Otar Machaidze joined J&T Consulting in 2014, steadily climbing the ranks to a senior legal role. As of 2021, he holds the esteemed position of partner at J&T Consulting. Consistently acknowledged for his legal acumen, Otar has been lauded by Legal500, a prestigious international legal firm rating organization, positioning him as a prospective partner for the next generation.

In addition to his legal career, Otar is actively involved in academia, demonstrating his expertise through numerous authored academic articles and monographs. His focus lies primarily on "Procedures for the Application and Implementation of Arbitration Awards". Commencing in 2016, he began engaging in teaching activities, serving as a lecturer at Tbilisi State University until 2019. Subsequently, he was invited to lecture at the Faculty of Law at the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP). In 2020, Otar Machaidze was appointed as an associate professor at the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP)Furthermore, Otar currently serves as the Operational Director of the Tbilisi Arbitration Institute.

Education: Otar's legal education spanned from 2009 to 2013 at Tbilisi State University, culminating in the completion of his Master's program in Private Law in 2015. In 2020, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, a collaborative effort between Georgia and Germany, specifically in Hamburg, under the guidance of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law. His extensive research and contributions led to the conferment of a Doctor of Law degree.

Membership: In 2014, Otar excelled in the attorney qualification exam, officially becoming a member of the Georgian Bar Association. Subsequently, he actively practiced law both domestically and internationally, handling cases in court, arbitration and mediation. Since 2021, Otar holds accreditation as a member of the Arbitrators Association of Georgia and has served on its board since 2023. He's also certified as a mediator by the Mediators Association of Georgia and holds certification as a trainer.

Working languages: Georgian, English.



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