‘’J&T Consulting’’ became a member of the European Business Association


The concept for the European Business Association in Georgia was devised in 2012. The considerable up-growth of its influence is followed after the signing of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement in 2014 and the granting Georgia with the Visa-free regime in 2017.

The European Business Association in Georgia associates commercial and non-commercial legal entities and physical persons operating or living in the territory of Europe or Georgia and which can demonstrate European connection.

The mission of European Business Association represents the contribution in the creation of European standards business environment, lobbying for European Business in Georgia and facilitating the development of trade and investment between Georgia and Europe.

Number of cases have been led by ‘’J&T Consulting’’ for its foreign clients with the assistance of the international partners as in Europe, as well as in Georgia.  Therefore, we believe that the membership of the European Business Association will make our cooperation even more intensive with Georgian and European companies, which have common interests and think about the successful use of those advantages that give the close trade and economic relationships between Europe and Georgia.