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Contract is daily routine for business entities. This routine implies some significant aspects of everyday business activities.

Terms of the contract / negotiation process - we help our clients to maximize their interests in the contract. We use the win-win strategy, our approach is aimed at achieving the golden middle, and avoiding cancelation of negotiations due to employment of overly rigid techniques or reaching the final agreement by withdrawing the interests of our clients.

Drawing up the contract – While reviving the visualized agreement text in computers, people always negatively react when they discover the terms of the agreement which were not emphasized by either party during face to face negotiations. Our employees deal with the exchange of negotiation papers accurately, with due diligence but fast, effectively and smartly. We help you to distinguish essential and nonessential terms of the agreement and advice you on the foreseeable legal or financial consequences of the agreement text. By this we help you to select the right choice more quickly. Offering a sufficient number of alternatives and the satisfaction of our clients with final result is our primary concern.

Revision of the contract - legal assessment of outcomes of the contracts already signed helps you to identify the existing drawbacks and at the same time will give you the full picture of your current business realities.

We offer these services mentioned above in four languages so far: Georgian, English, Russian, and German. For the next year,we plan to offer these services to our Turkish clients on their native language

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Contract law

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