On 12-14th of February, 2019 managing partner of “J&T Consulting” Giorgi Tsertsvadze attended a two-day business meeting in Budapest, with a special invitation of David Weiss, director of New Jersey City University Business School Institute for Dispute Resolution(https://www.njcu.edu/academics/institute-dispute-resolution-idr). 

Meeting was attended by arbitrators, mediators and businessmen from USA and eastern European countries. Main subject of the discussion was problems and difficulties related to settlement of business disputes in eastern European countries, including Georgia. Importance of the experience and support of USA for eastern European countries and Georgia was particularly emphasized. 

Later, during a bilateral meeting, director David Weiss and managing partner Giorgi Tsertsvadze agreed that the next meeting for Transcaucasia and Middle East will be held in the autumn of the current year in Georgia and it will be hosted by “J&T Consulting”.

2019-02-20 13:22:24

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